Sri Devi Antle Artist Portfolio

    Devi has been training in theatre and dance since she was 4 years old, working in every form available to her. She began with training in classical ballet and contemporary dance and worked with the youth theatre group at the Egyptian Theatre in Park City, Utah on productions such as The Wizard of Oz. After a brief stint as a competitive gymnast, Devi continued her passion for theatre and dance through high school, working on shows like Grease and performing as a competitive dancer.

     Graduating high school at 16, Devi then moved to working with exotic animals with her family at T.I.G.E.R.S, The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species. She worked as an animal trainer, host and production coordinator on live shows at Butterfly Pavilion in Myrtle Beach, SC and at Jungle Island in Miami, FL. She has also worked as the production coordinator for the Myrtle Beach Safari, a 3 hour interactive animal experience at the T.I.G.E.R.S Preserve and at various times performed in Tale of the Tiger at the King Richard’s Renaissance Faire in Carver, MA. All the while attempting to maintain her dance training.

   In 2011 she began dancing with fire poi at various venues in Myrtle Beach as an extension of her passion for dance. In 2013 she picked up the aerial silks while living in Virginia and fell madly in love. After going back to school in 2014,  she completed her B.A. in Drama with a minor in Modern Dance at the University of Virginia.

     In 2016 Devi returned to Miami and spent a year as the host of the Wild Encounters Show at Jungle Island. She also continued her aerial arts and other circus training, studying in Virginia, Miami, and North Carolina. After finishing a 3 month intensive Professional Training program with Gravity Circus in the UK over the summer of 2019, she is now based out of Virginia and is working on her show Witch Way, a show shes been developing and evolving since the beginning of 2018. She is also developing several other aerial performance acts including aerial Shakespeare and fire spinning from within her aerial hoop.


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